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Freestyle Bass Deluxe ABS Case - £89

Freestyle Shaped Bass ABS Case- £89

Freestyle Guitar/Supro  ABS Case- £79

Freestyle Lightweight bass case form fit £55

Roksac BG30D - Padded gig bag £49

Roksac G20D - Padded gig bag for Thunderbird basses £40

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Freestyle lightweight case

Freestyle Bass Deluxe ABS Case

Freestyle Shaped Bass Deluxe ABS Case

Freestyle Guitar/Supro bass Deluxe ABS Case

The Rok Sak BG30D has 30mm padding for a stiffer construction and a robust outer material to keep your bass safe.

Product Specification:

  1. Body Height (cm) 6

  2. Body Length (cm) 63

  3. Colour Black, Grey, Orange

  4. External Height (cm) 6.6

  5. External Length (cm) 121.6

  6. External Width (cm) 41.6

  7. Handles 1 x carry, 2 x shoulder straps

  8. Latches Zipper

  9. Lower Bout Width (cm) 41

  10. Middle Bout Width (cm) 34

  11. Overall length (cm) 121

  12. Upper Bout Width (cm) 33