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Rickenbacker 4003AC Al Cisneros Signature Limited Edition

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Limited Edition, Only 420 Will Be Made

Designed to the exacting specifications of acclaimed bassist Al Cisneros (Sleep, OM), the Rickenbacker Al Cisneros Signature 4003 Limited Edition electric bass delivers a unique sonic signature and vibe. Most notably, this Ric features a pair of hot-wound treble pickups to replicate Cisneros's big, cutting tone — versus the typical Ric treble/bass configuration. And the Al Cisneros Signature 4003 is also equipped with an updated tailpiece, which improves on the original design and gives you precise control over intonation and saddle height. Complete with a two-way truss rod to counter up-bow and back-bow, the Rickenbacker Al Cisneros Signature 4003 Limited Edition bass is an exceptional instrument even among Rickenbacker's highly-regarded lineup.

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A different flavour of Ric

This Rickenbacker deviates from your traditional 4003 and is loaded with touches spec'd out by Sleep bassist Al Cisneros. The most notable change is the usual bass/treble pickup combo has been swapped out for a pair of covered hot-wound treble pickups, giving this Ric even more punch and cut. The neck pickup has migrated slightly toward the bridge and a thumb rest has been added where the fingerboard meets the body. And despite being a mono-output 4003, the maple fingerboard is adorned with green triangle inlays, a feature usually reserved for stereo models. Purists will also notice that the bridge and tailpiece are also unique, giving you more control over intonation and saddle height. The normal truss rod has been replaced by a single coarse-thread truss rod to combat up and back bow. The basic ingredients of the classic 4003 are all here, but they've been configured into a completely new beast befitting a stoner metal icon.

Rickenbacker Al Cisneros Signature 4003 4-string Electric Bass Features:

  1. 1Walnut body for a warm, punchy tone

  2. 2Maple neck with 2-way truss rod feels and plays great

  3. 32 hot-wound treble pickups for unique Rickenbacker tone

  4. 4Redesigned bridge for improved intonation and saddle adjustments

  5. 5Custom knobs and pickguard

  6. 6Green triangle inlays

  7. 7Thumb rest

  8. 8Mono output


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