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3M    instrument lead st - st      £25

3M    instrument lead st - 90º    £25

5M    instrument lead st - st      £30

5M    instrument lead st - 90º    £30

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3M - List £35.50

5M  - list £45.45


Through a long research process carried out at our laboratories in Italy, our technicians and a team of professional musicians have finalised the SONIC SOLUTIONS cable.

This is the cable required by musicians to address their specific need to carry the instrument’s sound to the amplifier in the most transparent and natural way possible.

The innovative concept applied to this cable is the result of a new technology thoroughly developed at our R&D department in Italy.
This technology allows to drastically lower the capacitance to 56 Pf/mt and achieve absolute sound fidelity.

Whether utilised with electric, acoustic or bass guitars, keyboards or others, this special cable accurately delivers the exact sound produced by the instrument all the way through to the output connection.
Such exclusive, distinctive characteristic is what truly identifies the SS[ONE] as the HIGH DEFINITION MUSICAL INSTRUMENT CABLE par excellence.

Astonishingly broad frequency response, extremely low distortion and full signal transparency are the unique features of the new SONIC

SOLUTIONS by QUIK LOK Instrument Cable Series.
Try out our SS[ONE] cable, compare it with other high-end cables and you will be amazed by the sound difference!

Note: When using SONIC SOLUTIONS Cables for multiple connections it is highly recommended to keep consistent with the same cable type on the whole signal chain. This allows to maintain intact the specific audio characteristics that the cable provides and preserve the unique sound quality that it is expected to deliver.


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