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Figures in Black and fitted in the USA from the factory

Figures in Red are buying the part and fitting yourself

We can also install items at Bass Direct, please contact us for a quote.


HipShot Tuners, (MTD), Left or Right Black  (each)  £30/ £25       


Hipshot B Style Bridge - 4 string, (MTD), Black       £127/£25

HipShot B style Bridge - 5 String, (MTD), Black      £139/£25

HipShot B style Bridge - 6 String, (MTD), Black      £158/£25


Soft-Touch Knobs (MTD) (each)         £5.50


HR-MT3 (MTD)                 Saratoga Deluxe           £183 - factory fit only

HR-5.4AP/918                  Super, Z                         £228/£155

HR-5.2APMT/918 (MTD)  Super, Z                         £200 - factory fit only


9CBJD-L3/S3             Saratoga Deluxe-4               £170/£140

J44J-L/S                     Saratoga Deluxe-4               £180/£150

J45J-L/LN-19             Saratoga Deluxe-5               £195/£165

59CBJD-L3/LN3         Saratoga Deluxe-5              £175/£145

MM4CBC                   Super-4      (each)                 £125/£105

MMC                          Super-4     (each)                  £127/£107

MM42CBJD3             Super-4    (each)                   £160/£140

DL5CBC                    Super-5    (each)                  £130/£110

76DL5C                      Super-5     (each)                 £130/£110

DL52CBJD3               Super-5     (each)                 £160/£130

BC4CX-T/B (MTD)      Z-4                                       £225 - factory fit only

BC4CBC-T/B              Z-4                                        £227/£200

BC4S-T/B                   Z-4                                        £188/£160

P25CX-T/B (MTD)      Z-5                                         £270 - factory fit only

P25CBC-T/B              Z-5                                         £235/£200

P25S-T/B                    Z-5                                        £220/£190

P46CX-T/B (MTD)      Z-6                                         £299 - factory fit only

P46S-T/B                    Z-6                                        £235/£205

The following instruments are in stock at Bass Direct

Please contact us for more information or to order an MTD bass.


MTD Bartolini upgrades;

Kingston CRB 4 String 8CBP with Passive Volume & Tone

Kingston CRB 5 String 58CBP with Passive Volume & Tone

Kingston Saratoga 4 String - 9CBJD-L3/S3 with Passive Volume, Volume, Tone 

Kingston Saratoga 5 String - 59CBJD-L3/LN3 with Passive Volume, Volume, Tone

Kingston Saratoga Deluxe 5 String - 59CBJD-L3/LN3 with HR-MT3

Kingston Artist 4 String - MM4CBC with HR-2.5AP/918

Kingston Artist 5 String - DL5CBC with HR-2.5AP/918

Kingston Heir 4 String - MM4CBC + 9CBJD-S1 with HR-5.2APMT/918

Kingston Heir 5 String - DL5CBC + 59CBJD-LN1 with HR-5.2APMT/918 (or 59CBJD-L1 may be used for a heavier neck voice)

Kingston Z 4 String - BC4CX-T(mtd) + BC4CX-B(mtd) with HR-5.2APMT/918

Kingston Z 5 String - P25CX-T(mtd) + P25CX-B(mtd) with HR-5.2APMT/918

Kingston Z 6 Srting - P46CX-T(mtd) + P46CX-B(mtd) with HR-5.2APMT/918

These instruments have custom Bartolini pickups installed from the factory

Kingston ZX 5 string - P25CX-T(mtd) + P25CX-B(mtd) with HR-5.2APMT/918

Kingston Andrew Gouche 5 String - 75P25MTJ-T + 75P25MTJ-B with HR-5.2APMT/918

Kingston Andrew Gouche 6 String - 90P46MTJ-T + 90P46MTJ-B with HR-5.2APMT/918


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