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Transtone, Chrome, 4 string, 19mm,  - £105.00

Transtone, Black, 4 string, 19mm,  - £105.00

Transtone, Chrome, 5 string, 18mm,  - £115.00

SOLO, Black, single,   £22.00

SOLO, Chrome, single,   £22.00

SOLO, Gold, single,   £27.00

D Style, Chrome, 4 string, 19mm,  2 piece - £125.00 OUT OF STOCK

D Style, Black, 4 string, 19mm,  2 piece - £125.00 OUT OF STOCK

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The Solo

Single String Bass Bridge is designed to be the most versatile bridge system you can put on your bass.

Aside from the fact that just about any string spacing and scale length are possible with this system, the solo is equipped with Hipshot's industry leading A style saddle.

Fine tuning of saddle height, intonation and string spacing are possible after the bridge is installed.

Special guides cut into the base plate prevent the saddles from vibrating side to side.

The base plate has two string mounting positions: one on the back of the bridge and another through the body of the bass.

This gives you the option of either top load or through body stringing for varying levels of down pressure at the saddle.

Best of all, these bridges are made to last a lifetime.

The steel roller of the A saddle will stand up to even the toughest string wear. The base plate, intonation springs and screws are all stainless steel, so they won't corrode over time.


Bridges are sold individually.

Mounting screws are included.

Stainless steel base plate, spring and intonation screw won't rust or degrade over time.

A style saddle has height, intonation and string spacing adjustment (string spacing adjustment is set from installation)

TransTone Bass Bridge

Hipshot's New TransTone Bass Bridge features construction so sturdy you will feel the difference! *Steel saddles secured to the main assembly provide superb string-to-instrument sonic transmission for punchy, long sustaining tone. *String through body or top load option gives you maximum tonal versatility. *Durable steel saddles will not wear over time, keeping your sound clean and clear. *Four and five string models available in chrome, satin, black, and gold finishes. *String spacing is .750 inches string to string.

Triple Lock Down Individual String Bass Bridges

From multi-scale builds to 10 string behemoths, the Triple Lock Down bridge gives you the ultimate freedom to execute your most ambitious creations. Its modular design allows you to achieve virtually any string spacing, staggered scale lengths, and number of strings that you can dream up. Plus, the option of either top-load or through-body string securement provides you with even greater tonal options. And with its sleek, modern look, the Triple Lock Down is both beauty and beast. No workbench is complete without few of these babies.

  1. Accommodates any string spacing as low as .610” (15.5mm)

  2. Top-load strings for traditional tone, or through-body for emphasized attack

  3. Through-bolt attachment provides maximum tone transference

  4. Eliminates cross-talk between strings

  5. Available in chrome, black, and gold finish

  6. Price per individual bridge

  7. Dimensions are available here


The D Style bridge is your solution for a sleek and versatile two post bridge system. Easily adjust the bridge height to accommodate any neck angle and lock it securely in place. Need a minimalist bridge for your through body build or a sleek tailpiece for your own bridge design? Order the bridge and tailpiece separately for even greater flexibility. Best of all, the D Style’s solid machined brass construction will give you a lifetime of trouble-free playability.

  1. Machined from solid brass for maximum sustain and punch

  2. Equipped with Hipshot A Style saddles for intuitive and accurate setup adjustment

  3. Bridge accommodates string-through mounting

  4. Matched bridge and tailpiece spacing for straight string pull

  5. Available in chrome, black and gold finishes

Four string available in 18 and 19mm string spacing

Five string available in 16.5, 18 and 19mm string spacing

Six string available in 16.5, 18 and 19mm string spacing