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Since the 1990s Dingwall guitars have been at the forefront of custom bass design and are the leading users of "fan fret" technology, now considered to be the one of the best ways of getting an improved low B sound from a bass guitar and has been adopted many a growing number of professional bass players including Lee Sklar.

The D ROC brings a new life and fresh look at an iconic bass design and by adding the DIngwall fan fret system, pickups and built quality elevates it to new heights of playability of tone and enable drop tuning very effectively.

New import D ROC

D ROC Standard: 4 string      £1345 - Includes gig bag or case

D ROC Standard: 5 string      £1475 - Includes gig bag or case

D ROC Hellboy: 5 string         £2150 - Includes gig bag or case

Neck - 5 pc maple neck, 20 fret Pau Ferro fretboard, White dots, Matching Headstock

Body - 2-3 pc Kahya Body, Vinyl pickguard. Black Smoke Nickel Hardware.

Electronics - 3 x  FD-3n pickups, Vol, rotary pickup selector (Bridge, both parallel, both series, Neck), Tone

2018 D ROC Standard colours;

Aquamarine Metalflake - gloss + £80

Blue - Purple Colour shift - matte  + £80

Vintageburst - matte £0

Satin Black with Silver pickguard - new for 2019  £0

Performance options;

Hipshot Extender Key: £130 - only available in satin black

Hipshot Ultralite Keys in satin black installed for a set of 5: £125 or for 4: £100

F# setup and tuning with Dingwall strings: £110

Custom setup and tuning with Kalium strings: £220

B E A D tuning for NG2 4 and Combustion 4 with Dingwall strings: £60

D ROC Standard

Matt Black (with Silver pickguard) New for 2019

Finally, the bass from Hell!

Introducing the D-Roc - Hellboy limited run model. We’ve partnered with Darkglass Electronics , Dark Horse Comics and Rob van der Loo from Epica to create a new 5-string bass featuring a custom Darkglass onboard distortion circuit and Hellboy licensed graphics to coincide with the major motion picture release of Hellboy (2019).

Pricing is TBA. Available to order now with delivery in late 2019 early 2020.


 - Body cut at the bridge end of the bass
 - Newly designed bridge
 - Newly designed Darkglass onboard distortion 
 - Khaya body
 - Maple neck
 - Pau Ferro fretboard
 - Master Volume, Rotary pickup selector, Drive/Drive Level, Master Tone
 - Great high fret access

We is one we have added Hipshot Bridge, Tuners and set up B - D

The New D ROC Custom Series - as of 02/2019

4 String bass 34 - 36.25"       £3155

5 String bass 34 - 37"       New for 2019 - £3255


  1. Neck - Canadian Maple

  2. Fingerboard - Wenge

  3. Body Wood - Fijian Mahogany

  4. Headstock - Wenge laminate + custom logo

  5. Pickguard - Wenge

  6. Pickups - 3 x FDV

  7. Dingwall passive controls, volume, pickup selector (see below), tone.

  8. 1. bridge pickup soloed

  9. 2. Bridge and middle in parallel with each other.

  10. 3. Middle solo

  11. 4. All three pickups - bridge/middle parallel in series with neck



  1. Most Dingwall colours available

  2. Solid Colours

  3. Black

  4. Vintage White

  5. Ferrari Yellow

  6. Ferrari Green

  7. Fiesta Red

  8. Metallic colours 

  9. Metallic Blueberry £365

  10. Candy Black Cherry £365

  11. Candy Dark Purple £365

  12. Candy Red £365

  13. Chrome Blue £365

  14. Pelham Blue £365

  15. Burgundy Mist £365

  16. Candy Tangerine £365

  17. Black Gold £365

  18. Gold £365

  19. Bronze Age £365

  20. Transparent Colours

  21. Trans Black - £105

  22. Natural

  23. Natural to Edgeburst (Darker colour on edge) - £105

  24. Trans White - Only on Swamp ash - £105

  25. Pre-bleaching recommended for bright colours £170

  26. Pre-dye (enhances grain and colour) £155

  27. 2-tone burst (any combination of standard colours, light to dark) £210

  28. 3-tone burst (any combination of standard colours, light to dark) £310

  29. Custom colour - candy and burst to match photo - £295

  30. Dyed top with Matte Pearl back - £555

  31. Reverseburst (add to cost of burst) - £155

  1. Inlays

  2. Speedo bars with D £260

  3. Blocks £260

  4. Exotic Blocks £370

  5. Contrasting borders for blocks £250

  6. Luminlay side dots (3mm green or blue) £95

  7. Luminlay face dots (3mm green or blue) £95

  8. Luminlay face dots on SP/SH (6mm green or blue) £120

  9. Luminlay face dots and D12 on Z (3mm green or blue) £215

  10. Luminlay Speedo bars green or blue £505

  11. Luminlay Fretless lines green or blue £370

  12. Luminlay D on headstock £95

  13. Luminlay D on 12th fret £120


  1. Black Xtender key £140

  2. Chrome hardware on D ROC £60

  3. F# setup and tuning with Dingwall strings £110

  4. F# setup and tuning with Kalium strings £220

Comes with fitted padded gig bag

CORE WOOD – Fijian Mahogany ON D ROC

Mahogany is a great sounding body wood with powerful mid range, resonance and punch.


The D ROC basses feature passive electronics with powerful tone shaping capability. The controls are a simple, no nonsense master volume, a rotary pickup selector and a master tone.  The rotary pickup selector doesn’t load down the pickups like a blend or second volume control.  The resulting tone has great dynamic range with lots of punch.


We take neck construction very seriously due to our extensive experience in guitar repairs coupled with our geographic location and corresponding extreme climate.  In my years in the guitar repair business I constantly had to deal with humidity related problems made worse by the huge temperature and humidity swings of our local climate. Many of these problems could have been minimised through simple design changes and materials choices.

Touring musicians are constantly amazed at how stable Dingwall instruments are.  Many state that their Dingwall necks are as stable as their graphite necked instruments. We’ve experimented with many different laminations and have found a 5-piece maple construction to be among the best. Years of experience have proven this design to be extremely stable and reliable while minimising dead spots.


Tel: 01926 886433

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