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Chromatic Tuners

Korg Pitchblack PB AD Advance pedal - £56

Korg Pitchblack PD CT Custom pedal - £79

Korg Pitchblack Pro rack tuner £79

Korg Pitchclip 2 Black clip on tuner £12.99 - NEW for 2019

D’Addario NS Micro Soundhole tuner- £17.99

D’Addario NS Micro tuner- £15.99

Peterson StroboClip HD clip on tuner £45

Peterson Classic pedal tuner £169

Peterson Strobo + HD pedal tuner £109

Peterson Strobostomp HD pedal tuner £119 - NEW for 2019

Peterson Body Beat Pulse Solo £33

Add EU/Ireland shipping £4 for outside the UK

Planet Waves NS Micro Soundhole Tuner PW-CT-15

Designed specifically for acoustic guitar, ukulele, and other acoustic instruments, the chromatic NS Micro Soundhole Tuner remains perfectly concealed within the instrument’s soundhole for discreet tuning. The non-marring universal mounting clip allows stress-free installation, while the highly sensitive piezo transducer senses vibrations directly from the soundboard for fast and accurate tuning response. The bright, multi-color display allows easy viewing in any environment. It’s so small, convenient, and accurate, you’ll want one for every acoustic instrument you own!

- Perfect for Acoustic Guitars, Ukulele,  and other acoustic instruments

- Fast, accurate response

- Non-marring soundhole clip

- Multi-color display

- Calibration range 435-455 Hz

NS Micro Headstock Tuner

Super-small, Super-bright Tuner!

The Planet Waves NS Micro Headstock Tuner is a feature-packed device that's so small, your audience will never see it. The NS Micro features a reversible screen, a multicolor display, and a visual metronome in a housing that blends in with the aesthetics of your axe. A super-sensitive piezo transducer and backlit display give you easy and accurate tuning on loud stages, as well as in dim or brightly lit environments. It's so accurate, convenient, and unobtrusive, you'll want a Planet Waves NS Micro for every instrument you own!

  1. 4-points of screen orientation; 2 vertical, 2 horizontal

  2. Updated button hierarchy for easy, intuitive control

  3. Tuner calibration range of 410-480Hz

  4. Improved piezo control allows for a better tuning experience in noisy environments

  5. CR2032 battery included


Peterson Strobostomp HD

Don’t wonder if you are in tune – know!

Arguably the most important pedal residing on your board. Peterson have been providing the most accurate tuners in the world. The StroboStomp HD™ is a compact pedal solution that will supersede your current tuner. If you have never felt that your instrument has been in tune, this becomes a wonderful tool, helping you obtain precise intonation and keeping you in pitch – That’s what 60 years’ experience gets you.

Accurate to 0.1 of a cent! Just for context, you have 100 cents to a semitone. With a massive frequency response from 16.35Hz to 7302Hz (That’s C0 – A#8) – you could probably figure out the tuning of a blue whale. If that doesn’t give you confidence then nothing will.

But…I already have a tuner

Stringed instruments are notoriously fussy. Peterson recognises that even when a guitar is set up correctly and tuned that when a string is fretted, notes can become sharp or flat. The Peterson tuners trademarked the ‘Sweetened tuning’ algorithm which accounts for this. Hear how your guitar should sound, not just what you are used to.

One for the colour blind

Display your sound better than before. Your recordings define you to the rest of the world, make sure your pitch is bang on, let your chords sing for longer and experience clarity unparalleled by any other tuning method.

We all perceive colours differently so having the option to pick between 10 is great, especially on stage when smoke machines obfuscate your vision and you have sweat in your eye. You can also assign colours to certain tunings so if you are using multiple tunings during a set or recording session you have a very clear indication of where you are at. If that isn’t enough you can plug it into your computer via USB and customise colours until you’re blue in the face.

Give the same attention to your tuning as you would crafting a song. Your recordings define you to the rest of the world, make sure your pitch is bang on, let your chords sing for longer and experience clarity unparalleled by any other tuning method.

Are you new to different tunings?

Guided tunings are also available. These are great for players who maybe are experimenting with open tunings for the first time. Standard tuning has been used for such a long time and this allows for new and different chord voicings which are impossible in standard – have a go!


  1. Note Range: CO-A#8

  2. Accuracy: 0.1 Cents

  3. Construction: Stainless steel

  4. USB Port: Yes

  5. Battery Type:9V (included)

  6. Outputs: 1/4'' Mono, Balanced XLR

  7. Transposition Range: -6 to +5

  8. Sweetened Tunings: 60+

  9. Note Selection: Automatic

  10. Display Type: LCD w/LED Backlight

  11. USB Type: Micro

  12. Power: 9V DC 80mA

  13. Mute-able Output:Yes

  14. Frequency Response Range: 16.35Hz - 7302Hz

  15. User Presets : Unlimited

  16. Display Resolution: 417 Segments

  17. Dimensions: 129mm x 66mm x 54mm ( with switch )

Peterson Strobo+ HD

The StroboPlus HD brings 0.1 cent accuracy strobe tuning to a handheld/desktop format with a built in metronome! Strobe tuners are the most accurate tuners you can buy because they don't suffer from the drawbacks of traditional needle point tuners. And better accuracy means better tuning and intonation! Another by-product of such precision accuracy is the ability to micro tune for particular instruments: the Peterson StroboPlus HD comes loaded with preset 'sweetened' tunings for Guitar, Bass and loads of other instruments too, and you can download many many more to the StroboPlus HD by USB!

So if you're ready for militantly accurate tuning you're ready for a Peterson StroboPlus HD!

The Peterson StroboPlus HD is an ultra high-resolution strobe tuner with our largest illuminated display ever featured in a traditional strobe format. Chromatically tune any instrument confidently to the exacting standards that experienced musicians demand or use any of the over 90 exclusive Sweetened Tunings that are developed and optimized for your specific instrument. Use the built-in mic, plug in or use a clip-on pickup to tune your instruments quickly with its smooth, real-time display or program your custom tunings using our *PetersonConnect online utility.

Need A Tuner AND Metronome Combo

Via a simple firmware update, the StroboPlus can be upgraded to include our popular metronome, the BodyBeat Sync. The same metronome engine can be available in the StroboPlus HD complete with the vibe output! (Vibe Clip optional.)

Optional BodyBeat metronome features

  1. 1Audio, Visual or Tactile tempo delivery modes

  2. 2Feel the beat from the optional vibration clip

  3. 34 different audio choices, Rimshot, Clave, Wood Block and Beep

  4. 4Feel or hear a variety of subdivisions and accent patterns

  5. 510 to 280 BPM tempo range with tap tempo input feature

  6. 6Independently selectable time signature components

  7. 7Wide variety of subdivisions displayed in notation format

  8. 8Meter-based accent patterns (additive meters)

  9. 9Store up to 99 presets of all settings

  10. 10Encoder dial for quick entry of values

  11. 11Practice patterns for Latin music and dance steps

Note: The StroboPlus will not feature the wireless synchronizing capability of the BodyBeat Sync. PetersonConnect

PetersonConnect is a new way to configure your Peterson products and program your own tunings. Simply download the free PetersonConnect program and register your tuner. Each time you connect your tuner to your computer, it will check to see if there are any firmware updates that are needed for your product and also find any configuration changes, new tunings, or sweeteners that you have added to the profile for your product.

The PetersonConnect tool allows you to easily alter the settings you want to appear on your tuner. You can create your own tunings and sweeteners as well as synchronize the settings between multiple Peterson tuning equipment that supports PetersonConnect. (PetersonConnect is not currently available but will be online soon.)


  1. 10.1 Cent Accuracy (1/10 Of A Cent; 1/1000th Of A Semitone)

  2. 2Built-In Microphone

  3. 3USB Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

  4. 4Backlit Display; Visible In Dark Or Direct Sunlight

  5. 5Auto Off And Smart Backlight For Battery Savings

  6. 6Concert A Setting Adjustable From 390Hz - 490Hz

  7. 7Rotary Encoder For Quick Menu Navigation

  8. 8Tripod Mount For Use With Peterson Pitch Holder

  9. 9Over 90 Preset Temperaments/Sweetened Tunings

  10. 10Multi-Octave Sweetened And Stretch Tunings

  11. 11Buzz Feiten Tuning System Support

  12. 1299 Preset Locations For Quick Recall Of Favorite Settings

  13. 13Headphone Output To Connect Audio To Headphones Or PA System

  14. 14Transparent Thru/Output Jack For Direct Connection To Amplifier

  15. 15Automatic Drop/Capo Transposition For All Tunings

  16. 16Firmware Updatable (Future Proof)

  17. 17Program Presets Via PetersonConnect Online Utility

Body Beat Pulse Solo - Metronome

Metronomes haven't changed much over the years. Since the early 9th century, they've helped to improve a player's musical performance by producing an audible click at a desired tempo. But, recently Peterson suggested a new method.

Since the introduction of Peterson vibe-clip technology, musicians all over the world are now experiencing a way to internalise tempo rather than merely playing along to a robotic wood block or cowbell. Peterson Body Beat products provide a tactile pulse that can be felt but not heard, can be worn discreetly and allows your ears to focus on the music you're creating.

Introducing the Peterson Body Beat Pulse Solo. This rechargeable active clip-on device gives every electronic metronome the capability to silently convey tempo. Connect the standard 3.5 millimeter stereo plug and give your favourite metronome whole new level of functionality. The Body Beat Pulse will even work with the metronome apps on your mobile device. Use the pulse with the Peterson Body Beat Metronome App and you'll also feel three different levels of intensity for downbeats, accents and subdivisions.

Tempo should be felt and the loud click of a metronome was never intended to accompany your music. Experience the freedom of playing to an exact tempo without your metronome playing with you.

Peterson BodyBeat Pulse Solo, active pulse generator for metronomes, uses the audio output of any metronome app or traditional metronome that has a headphone output jack to deliver a tactile pulse, can also deliver accented beats for subdivisions when used with the Peterson BodyBeat Metronome App (iOS) or other Peterson-approved apps (iOS & Android), dimensions in mm (LxWxH): 31,8 x 31,8 x 76,2, weight. 64 g

Peterson Stomp Classic StroboTuner Pedal

Legendary Peterson Strobe Tuning in a stomp box! The Stomp Classic covers everything you need in a stomp box tuner: Chromatic tuning, 0.1 cent accuracy, sweetened tunings, rock solid design and true bypass. The stomp classic is a true winner!

Here's what Peterson say about the Stomp Classic

The Peterson Stomp Classic combines the timeless 'mojo' of the legendary Conn ST-11 Strobotuner with the most desired features in a pedal tuner to date!

We didn't stop there as we also added many exclusive Peterson features into the Stomp Classic such as Peterson's pioneering true bypass circuitry, a host of new Sweetened Tunings that include support for 7-string guitars, electric violin and mandolin-family instruments, along with our renowned built-in, fully adjustable, active DI.

Unparalleled note detection and a high definition real-time strobe display resolution of 0.1 cent combined with a host of presets allowing for each instrument's individual idiosyncrasies (including string deflection, interval spacing, harmonic nature and range), place the Stomp Classic in the top of its class among rival pedal tuners.

An extremely bright, high contrast LCD display makes the Stomp Classic an excellent choice for use outdoors or where ever lighting conditions are less than desirable. Integrated pedal-board mounting lugs keep the Stomp Classic in place on the road and while in use.

The Stomp Classic is built like a tank and capable of taking the most grueling punishment while protecting your cables with the included cable guard. We have designed this to be the most roadworthy tuner you can place on your pedal-board.

The Stomp Classic's look pays homage to the most iconic tuner of the 1970s, the ST-11 Strobotuner - still used then and now on the stages of some of the most exalted of rock gods!


  1. 1100% True Bypass Tuning

  2. 2Guaranteed 0.1 Cent Note Detection And Display Resolution Over The Entire Tuning Range

  3. 3Large, High-Contrast Display Is Easily Visible In Direct Sunlight

  4. 4Ultra-Cool, Classic 70's Conn Strobotuner Design

  5. 5Sweetened Tuning Presets For Many Instruments

  6. 6Buzz Feiten Tuning System  Support

  7. 7Fully Programmable Via USB From A PC Or Mac With Quick Access Favourites

  8. 8Drop Tuning/Capo Tuning Auto-Transposition

  9. 9Onboard, Professional Active DI (Mutable) With User-Selectable 3-Stage Attenuation

  10. 10Heavy Duty, Die-Cast Chassis With 3PDT Stomp Switch

  11. 11Switchcraft Input/Output Jacks

  12. 12Quick-Release Battery Access

  13. 13Integrated Pedal-Board Mounting Lugs

  14. 143-Year No Fault Warranty

Peterson StroboClip HD Tuner

Peterson are renowned for their incredibly accurate tuners. From their popular Stomp Classic Tuner pedal to their top-of-the-range Rackmount Strobo tuner, musicians all around the world have kept their instruments in tune with their high-quality products.

The StroboClip HD follows the same concept as the SC1 clip-on tuner, allowing you to attach the tuner to your guitar or bass? headstock for quick and easy tuning. However, the StroboClip HD takes it one step further.

High Definition Tuning:

As the name suggests, the StroboClip HD has an ergonomic bright high-definition screen. This allows you to easily see the tuner on even the darkest and murkiest of stages, and ensure that your instrument is perfectly in tune.

As you?d expect with Peterson, this tuner provides unparalleled 0.1 Cent accuracy. So if you?re OCD when it comes to tuning, the StroboClip HD has your back. This also works a charm in the studio, where making sure that you are in tune is essential!

50 ?Sweetened? Tunings:

Unique to Peterson, they offer a number of alternate temperaments to suit a variety of string and wind instruments, and more! This just might be the most versatile tuner ever?

Here’s what Peterson say about the StroboClip HD:

The StroboClip? Clip-On Strobe Tuner features a high definition, true-strobe display and over 50 Sweetened? Tunings for supreme accuracy. Amazing things come in small packages!

The Peterson StroboClip HD? (SC-HD) has the same tenth-of-a-cent accuracy as all Peterson Strobe Tuners. This versatile tuner comes complete with a bright high-definition screen, over 50 Sweetened? tunings, alternate temperaments for a vast array of string and wind instruments, and soft rubber-lined jaws to protect your instrument's finish while offering a firm grip for maximum signal tracking.


True Strobe 0.1 Cent Accuracy

High-Definition Backlit Display

Wide Viewing Angle

Visible In Direct Sunlight

Sleek, Stealthy Design

Adjustable Hz Calibration

Drop Tuning and Capo Settings

Over 50 Sweetened Tunings!

Available Sweetened Tunings (50): 

  1. 1Default

  2. 2Guitar & Bass

  3. 3Buzz Feiten

  4. 4Steel Guitar

  5. 5Bluegrass

  6. 6Misc. Stringed

  7. 7Orchestral

  8. 8Historic Temperaments

  9. 9World


  1. 1Peterson Connect Compatible: Yes

  2. 2Note Range: C0 - B6

  3. 3Note Selection: Automatic

  4. 4DI: No

  5. 5Firmware Updateable: Yes

  6. 6Form Factor: Clip-On

  7. 7Accuracy: 0.1 Cents

  8. 8Display Type: LCD

  9. 9Display Resolution: 192 Segments (96 per row )

  10. 10Construction: Plastic

  11. 11Product Dimensions LxWxH: 1.75" x 2.4" x 1.2"

  12. 12Product Weight: 1.6oz

  13. 13USB Port: Yes

  14. 14USB Type: Micro

  15. 15Rechargeable: No

  16. 16Battery Type: 1- CR2032 (Included)Built-In Microphone: No Microphone - Piezo Pick-up

  17. 17Built-In Speaker: No

  18. 18Volume Control: No

  19. 19Headphone Jack: No

  20. 20Tone Generator: NoConcert A Range: 390Hz to 490Hz

  21. 21Transposition Range: -4 to + 7 and C,F,Bb, Eb Keys

  22. 22Frequency Response Range: 16Hz -1975Hz

  23. 23Warranty: 2 years

  24. 24Sweetened Tunings: 50

  25. 25Historic Temperaments: 11


Korg Pitchclip 2

An evolution of KORG’s popular Pitchclip tuner, the Pitchclip 2 is an all-new clip-on tuner with a compact body and simple operation allows you to tune quickly and easily. Simply attach it to the headstock of your instrument, turn on the switch, then just play a string and the tuner shows the exact amount of pitch difference. 

The Pitchclip 2 is designed from the players point of view and features high tuning precision with excellent visibility, an enhanced clip for even better holding power, and a reverse display function that will be appreciated by left-handed users.

The new Pitchclip 2 is designed to go and perform anywhere. Put one in your pocket, or in your case, and you’ll never be without it!

Main Features:

  1. 1Even more compact and stylish design.

  2. 2Simple and easily readable LED display.

  3. 3Clip with enhanced holding power and a rubberized grip that protects your instrument.

  4. 4Improved detection accuracy in the low-frequency

  5. 5region.

  6. 6Reverse function vertically inverts the meter display.

  7. 724-hour battery life, and an auto-power-off function.

An even more compact and stylish design

While carrying on the compact body of the original Pitchclip, the Pitchclip 2 takes its evolution further. The display is even thinner, and the design is now simple and stylish. Thanks to the enlarged screen, visibility is even better in spite of the unit's compact size. Since the display can be adjusted through a 120-degree angle, the player can tune while viewing the screen at the most natural position with optimal visibility.

Simple and easily readable LED display

An LED is used to show the note name and the meter. The brightness of the light conveys the needle movement in fine detail. When the tuning is exactly right, the left and right LEDs flash along with the center LED. When using the Pitchclip 2, it will be obvious when your instrument is tuned perfectly. Whether you're practicing in a brightly lit room or tuning in dim backstage conditions, this tuner ensures great visibility in nearly any environment.

Clip with enhanced holding power and a rubberized grip that protects your instrument

The Pitchclip 2 boasts major improvements to its clip mechanism. Numerous trials in every detail have resulted in a 140% improvement in holding power compared with the previous model, ensuring that the attached tuner will not fall off and provide a secure connection for accurate tuning. The entire clip is now rubberized to protect your instrument. From a ukulele to an electric guitar, this tuner can be used with any instrument.

Improved detection accuracy in the low-frequency region

After thoroughly testing the mounting location for the piezo sensor in the clip section of the Pitchclip 2, KORG has succeeded in boosting the tuner’s detection sensitivity for the low-frequency region. The enhanced effectiveness is most noticeable for dropped tunings and 5- or 6-string basses that, until now, were considered problematic for stable tuning.

Reverse function vertically inverts the meter display

The reverse function is good news for users who attach the tuner to the back side of the headstock to make it less visible when seen from the front, and for left-handed players. With the power off, long-press the switch to vertically invert the meter display. This lets you tune regardless of whether the tuner is attached to the front or the back of the headstock, and regardless of the orientation.

24-hour battery life, and an auto-power-off function

A single widely-available lithium coin cell battery (CR2032) provides approximately 24 hours of continuous operation. The tuner is also equipped with an auto-power-off function that automatically turns off the power when approximately three minutes pass without sound being detected. You'll enjoy extended operation without wasting the battery.


  1. 1Scale: 12-note equal temperament

  2. 2Detection Range (sine wave): AO (27.5Hz) – C8 (4186Hz)

  3. 3Detection Accuracy: +/- 1 cent

  4. 4Power Supply: CR2032 lithium battery

  5. 5Battery Life: approximately 24 hours (A4 input)

  6. 6Dimensions (W x D x H): 52 x 24 x 34 mm/2.05” x 0.94” x 1.34”

  7. 7Weight: 17g / 0.37 lbs. (including batteries)

  8. 8Accessories: CR2032 lithium battery for verifying operation

Korg PitchClip

Simple, convenient clip-on style tuner

The design goals for pitchclip were simple, convenient features and total ease of use. Clip the tuner to your headstock, flick on the power, and you're ready to tune. As you play a string, the built-in piezo sensor will quickly sense the instrument?s vibrations and indicate the pitch in the meter.

Compact, lightweight and discreet design

The tuner and display portion of the pitchclip is extremely compact; the battery compartment has been integrated into the clip itself. The meter display uses a sleek design with no protrusions, which affords a discreet and unobtrusive addition to your instrument. Convenient and lightweight, the pitchclip can be slipped into your pocket or guitar case without adding bulk or taking up valuable space, so you can take it anywhere.

Highly accurate and ultra-responsive, offering a wide detection range

Boasting fast pitch detection and processing, accuracy with ±1 cent, and a detection range that covers from A0 to C8, the pitchclip outperforms many of the clip-on tuners on the market today. Combined with the affordable price and enhanced display, the pitchclip is remarkable value.

The pitchclip's bright LED display ensures high contrast and a wide angle of visibility; the meter indication remains clear even in dimly lit locations. Adjustable through 120 degrees, the meter/display section can be raised to provide the player with good visibility while tuning in a natural position.

Display reverse mode assures easy viewing

This function conveniently and quickly reverses the meter display, switching top and bottom. This prevents the player from having to view the display information upside down; regardless of whether the tuner is attached to the front or the rear of the headstock. When powering on, simply hold down the power switch for an extended time to reverse the display. Now, the musician is free to choose the position that's most comfortable and convenient; this feature also makes the pitchclip a great choice for left-handed players as well.

Reliable, highly-stable clip design

A newly engineered type of rubber is used in the clip, allowing the reliable attachment to a variety of headstocks; ukulele, electric bass, classical guitar and so on. By relocating the battery compartment to the clip section, the meter display section has been made lighter and slimmer, lowering the overall center of gravity and creating a more secure mounting than ever before.

Auto Power-Off extends battery life

Using a widely-available lithium coin battery (CR2032) provides the pitchclip with a generous 17 hours of operation. The Auto Power-Off function automatically turns the pitchclip off when no sound has been detected for approximately ten minutes, avoiding unnecessary battery consumption.


  1. Scale: 12-note equal temperament

  2. Range (sine wave): AO (27.50Hz) - C8 (4186Hz)

  3. Precision: +/-1 cent

  4. Power: CR2032 lithium battery (3V)

  5. Battery life: Approximately 17 hours (A4 input)

  6. Dimensions (W x D x H): 52mm x 24mm x 34 mm/2.05" x 0.94" x 1.34"

Korg Pitchblack Pro

The impact of light

An ultra-lightweight, thin rackmount tuner with the highest visibility of any “3D” tuning meter

Key Features:

  1. 19-inch 1U rackmount tuner for guitar/bass

  2. Large “3D” style visual meter for unprecedented visibility

  3. Lightweight, thin, with removable; not limited to rack installation

  4. Three meter display modes: regular, strobe, and half-strobe

  5. Cable Checker warns of broken or shorted cables

  6. Buffered output minimizes any change in audio quality

  7. Mute function lets you tune silently

Since producing the world's first rackmount tuner, the DT-1pro, which appeared in 1987, Korg has continued to produce classic models that define the era, including the DTR-1/DTR-2 in 1994 and the DTR-1000/DTR-2000 in 2002. Now, in 2013, Korg unveils its latest rackmount model. The pitchblack Pro features a new “3D” visual meter with a three-dimensional expression of light that delivers an unprecedented visual element. Although it's in a rackmount form factor, the body is ultra-lightweight and slim, allowing it to be used anywhere. This is a new generation of rackmount tuner that every guitarist/bassist with professional aspirations should experience

Korg Pitchblack Custom Pedal Tuner


  1. Part of KORG's "Custom Shop" series, a mark of ultimate quality

  2. 3D visual meter creates a revolutionary visual effect

  3. Ultra-high tuning accuracy of +/- 0.1 cents

  4. Four types of meter display modes

  5. True bypass prevents any coloration or loss in the sound

  6. DC out allows parallel connection for powering other effect pedals

  7. Three times longer battery life


  1. Scale: 12 note equal temperament

  2. Detection Range: E0 (20.60 Hz) - C8 (4186 Hz)

  3. Calibration Range: 436 - 445 Hz (1 Hz steps)

  4. Detection Accuracy: within +/- 0.1 cent

  5. Input Impedance: 1 MΩ (when tuner is on)

  6. Connectors: INPUT (mono 1/4" jack), BYPASS (mono 1/4" jack), DC IN (9V), DC OUT (9V)

  7. Power Supply: 9V battery or 9V AC adaptor

  8. Battery Life: approximately 15 hours (A4 continuous input, tuner on, display mode: Regular A, using a 9 volt zinc-carbon battery)

  9. Consumption Current: Maximum 40mA

  10. Dimensions (W x D x H): 68 x 113 x 45 mm/ 2.68" x 4.45" x 1.77" (including feet)

  11. Weight: 286g / 0.63 lbs (including battery)

  12. Included items: one zinc-carbon battery for verifying operation

  13. Accessories: AC adaptor (9V)

Korg Pitchblack Advance Floor Pedal Tuner

Four Meter Display Modes

The Pitchblack features four different meter display modes to choose from, with regular, strobe, half-strobe, and mirror modes. While regular offers the standard tuning experience, strobe and half strobe provide a direction and speed meter movement for easy visualisation. Also when using strobe mode, the pedal allows ultra-high-precision tuning with ±0.1 cent accuracy. In mirror mode, two LED’s move from left and right towards the centre as you tune.

True Bypass Output

The Korg tuner mutes the input signal for silent tuning, and when you’re not tuning the input is passed directly to the output jack without being affected by any circuitry. This means that no matter where in your chain you place the Pitchblack, the signal will pass straight though without going through the internal buffer amp, ensuring that the sounds you've created using your effects will not be coloured in any way.

Features Parallel Connection for Powering Other Pedals

If a separately sold AC adaptor is used, the DC OUT jack can supply power to another effect unit. Since a dedicated power supply circuit is provided for DC OUT, it can provide stable and noiseless 9V 200 mA power.

Completely Eliminated Unwanted Noise

Providing a stable environment for players, the Pitchblack Advance features a special circuit to suppress any unwanted noise that may occur from interference between pedals using the same power supply. This results in completely eliminating the unwanted noise and providing a quite operation.

An Extremely Long Battery Life

With eight years of experimentation with the Pitchblack series, the Advanced tuner has brought its high efficiency and long life design to a higher pinnacle. Achieving ultra-long-life operation, the pedal can last approximately 30 hours on zinc-carbon batteries and approximately 60 hours on alkaline batteries.


  1. Cutting-edge design, with a superbly visible display

  2. Ultra-high tuning accuracy of +/- 0.1 cents

  3. 4 different meter display modes to choose from

  4. True bypass offers transparent usage when switched off

  5. DC out allows parallel connection for powering other pedals

  6. Completely eliminates any unwanted noise that may occur from power supplies

  7. Achieves up to 60 hours of battery life on alkaline batteries and 30 hours on zinc-carbon batteries



  1. Scale: 12 Note Equal Temperament

  2. Detection Range: E0 (20.60 Hz) – C8 (4186 Hz)

  3. Calibration Range: A4 = 436 – 445 Hz (1 Hz Steps)

  4. Detection Accuracy: +/- 0.1 Cent

  5. Input Impedance: 1 M-Ohm (Tuner On)

  6. Display Modes: Regular, Strobe, Half-Strobe, Mirror

  7. Connectors: INPUT (Mono 1/4” Jack), BYPASS (Mono 1/4” Jack), DC 9V IN, DC 9V OUT

  8. Accessories: AC Adaptor (9V)

Power Requirements

  1. Power Supply: 1 x 9V Type Battery (6F22/6LR61) or AC Adaptor (9V)

  2. Battery Life (Approx.):

    1. 60 Hours (6LR61, A4 Continuous Input, Tuner On, Display Mode: Regular Mode)

    2. 30 Hours (6F22, A4 Continuous Input, Tuner On, Display Mode: Regular Mode)

  3. Current Consumption: Maximum 20 mA


  1. Width: 68mm (2.68”)

  2. Depth: 111mm (4.37”)

  3. Height: 47mm (1.85”)

  4. Weight (Including Battery): 257g (9.07 oz.)


Tel: 01926 886433