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Aero Black - £189

Continental Voyager - £189

RBX - £119

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Aero Series Bass Guitar Case

The Reunion Blues Aero bass guitar case utilizes the same shock-absorbing Flexoskeleton technology found in the RB Continental case, in a lightweight, slim, aerodynamic shape. The interior features Reunion Blues signature double-helix quilted velvet lining, with a padded neck brace and locking security strap that will keep your prized instrument snug. The case also sports a comfortable Zero-G handle and padded backpack that make transportation a breeze. For musicians looking for a slim, lightweight, protective case that will outperform wood and plastic, the Reunion Blues Aero fits the bill.

* Lightweight, slim, low profile shape * Shock-absorbing Flexoskeleton * Interior neck brace with security strap * Zero-G handle

External Length: 49in
External Width: 15.75in
External Height: 4.75in
Internal Length: 47in
Internal Width: 14in
Internal Height: 2in
Weight: 7.8lb

RB Continental Voyager Electric Bass Guitar Case

When we launched the RB Continental back in 2008 (literally, from the top of a three story building) we had no idea that we'd be the vanguard of a new era in protective cases that would transform the expectations of professional and hobbyist musicians all over the world. With the RB Continental Voyager series, we're excited to up the ante once again.

We've refined and revised our shock absorbing and impact-resistant Flexoskeleton with an efficient internal structure that maintains our high standard of protection while reducing weight and bulk dramatically. We've further articulated our Quadraweave exterior with a modern Black Heather texture that wears well and looks great. We've also re-designed the interior bracing system with an adjustable neck block and the addition of user-configurable protector pads at the endpin.

All of the great ergonomic features of the original RB Continental are evident and even improved in the new Voyager series. Our Zero G handle still feels as weightless as ever, but we've added an edge seam to improve longevity and durability. Our adjustable, hideaway backpack is even more comfortable than ever.

Most importantly, we've consistently maintained our high standards for quality craftsmanship that we established back in the 1970s when we created the first professionally accepted gig bag. We use industrial-grade high-tensile thread, reversed water-resistant zippers, abrasion and scuff resistant corded edges and seams, EVA backed material, and internally reinforced structure in those high stress areas. Best of all, we back this up with the peace of mind that comes from an industry leading limited lifetime warranty.

Often imitated, but never equaled, the RB Continental Voyager guitar case will protect your axe in style for years to come.

  1. 1 Thick Shock-absorbing Flexoskeleton with reinforced impact panels

  2. Zero G palm-contoured handle with weight-distributing foam core

  3. Reinforced neck brace system locks instrument neck securely in place

  4. Ballistic Quadraweave exterior w/water resistant zippers and rigid EVA backing

  5. EVA reinforced laptop/tablet compatible multi-pocket

  6. Dual adjustable endpin protection pads

  7. High-strength corded edges and seams

  8. Knurled abrasion grid on top and bottom resists scuffing

  9. Double-stitched with high-tensile thread and reinforced at tested stress points

  10. Adjustable hideaway backpack straps

  11. Rubberized foam headstock grip

  12. Interior protector pads at headstock and bridge

  13. Convenient quick-stash exterior pocket

  14. Limited Lifetime Warranty 

Internal Length: 48.5 in
Internal Upper Bout Width: 13.5 in
Internal Lower Bout Width: 14.5 in
Internal Depth: 3 in
Weight: 7.5lb

RBX Bass Guitar Bag

Reunion Blues has been making the world's best gig bags for almost 40 years, and the new RBX gig bag line represents a fusion of our passion for quality and the desire to make an affordable, lightweight, and protective gig bag perfect for musicians on the go. The essence of this passion is represented in it's sleek aesthetic design, from the Quilted Chevron exterior to the padded Blue Luster lining. The RBX protection system features a lightweight multi-layer foam surround with strategically placed impact panels, and a dense foam neck cradle and endpin rest that keep the guitar safe and secure. Padded backpack straps, an integrated subway grip, and Reunion Blues signature Zero G handle make getting around town a breeze. A large but low profile pocket includes a cable loop and organizer and provides ample storage without adding bulk. And best of all, the RBX gig bag features Reunion Blues Limited Lifetime Warranty. The Gig Bag, Reinvented.(tm)

  1. Fits most solid-body electric bass guitars

  2. Rugged, water resistant Quilted Chevron exterior

  3. RBX Protection System featuring lightweight multi-layer foam surround, strategically placed impact panels, multi-layer foam neck cradle and end-pin rest

  4. Zero-G handle

  5. Padded backpack straps with integrated subway grip

  6. Large low-profile front pocket with cable loop and organizer

  7. Padded Blue Luster lining

  8. Limited Lifetime Warranty

Internal Length: 48.5in
Internal Upper Bout Width: 13.5in
Internal Lower Bout Width: 14.5in
Internal Depth: 3in
Weight: 4.8lb


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