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A new range of high end, lightweight USA designed bass amplification from Jeff Genzler who founded Genz Benz amplification.

I started my first amplifier company with a vision, and a passion, in a garage in Phoenix, Arizona. As a professional musician for more than a decade, I saw a need for smart, reliable, amplification systems that made strategic advancements to the form. My wife Catherine and I, and our dedicated team, built that company and delivered exceptional products and support, worked closely with inspiring and talented people, and earned a global reputation for innovative designs and superior quality.

Now we're returning to our roots. I'm building smart, pure, innovative bass amps and cabinets. We're proud to have our longtime engineer, Scott Andres, as an important part of our team. We have strong relationships with trusted craftspeople, suppliers, and retailers around the world. Catherine and I now live in Brooklyn, close to family. We're becoming part of our community, giving a percentage of each product sold to local music initiatives.

As a company, we do the work because we love it, because the music is worth it, because the conversation with our customers is inspiring. Our spirit is simple and true, uncompromising and dedicated.

I'm proud to present the next generation of Genzler amplification: the product you expect from the people you trust.

Model: MG-350-BA10-Combo

GENZLER® AMPLIFICATION is proud to announce the addition of the MAGELLAN® 350/BA10 COMBO to our line of compact, high powered bass amplifiers and cabinets. We’ve combined our MG-350 amplifier with our Bass Array™10-2 cabinet in an extremely small combo footprint that delivers big output and tone. . 


This combo “kit” allows the MG-350 amplifier to be attached to the BA10-2 cabinet using our “hidden” MG-350-CRADLE, which offers easy install or removal of the amp to the cabinet, for even more flexibility with this powerful, little combo.  The MG-350 delivers 175 watts as the combo and with an additional BA10-2 extension cabinet puts out 350 watts into this remarkable “mini-stack”.


  1. Dimensions:  15.5”W x 15”D x 16”H

  2. Weight:   25 Lbs

Model: MG-350

Introducing the latest MAGELLAN® SERIES bass amplifier from GENZLER® AMPLIFICATION, the MAGELLAN® 350. Along with our MAGELLAN® 800 which was introduced in 2015, this amplifier design represents the pinnacle in the next generation in lightweight, high-output, versatile, bass amplification.

Design features Include:

•    Clean Channel –

     •    Pristine and Articulate

     •    Dual-Curve Variable Contour Circuitry

•    Curve A -- Classic to Modern -- Mid Scoop Curve

•    Curve B -- Thicker to Vintage -- Low-Mid Bump w/Tapered Top End

•    Active 3 Band EQ w/Parametric Mid Control

•    Signal Mute Switch

•    Thermal Sensing Variable Speed Fan Cooling

•    Full Featured XLR Direct Output Interface

•    2.67 Ohm Min. Total Load

•    Output:  175W/8 Ohms,  350W/4 Ohms and 350W/2.67 Ohms

•    Dimensions: 9”W X 9.75”D X 2.75”H

•    Weight:  3.5 Lbs.  

Model: BA10-2

GENZLER® AMPLIFICATION is proud to announce the addition of the new BA10-2 design to the innovative BASS ARRAY™ line of bass guitar cabinets. Based upon the overwhelming success and popularity of this one-of-a-kind bass cabinet design, we’ve now expanded the line to include this ultra-compact 10” model.


•    Power Handling: 250 Watts / 8 Ohms

•    Dual Speakon® and ¼” Combination Input Jacks

•    Unique Angled Cabinet Design

•    Dimensions: 15.5”W x 15”D x 13”H

•    Weight:  21 LBS

Customer feedback

Peter who purchased a Magellan 800 and 2 x bass array cabinets - 10/05/0215

Having watched the video a few times and considered all the options, I spent a few hours at Bass Direct in Warwick today (thanks for the advice and patience by the way, Mark!)

Having A/B'd the B12-3 Array vs the 212t +112 (together as a stack) for a fair while I came away with the Magellan 800 with 2 x B12-3 Array cabs. Of course it's early days but I'm mightily impressed with what I've heard so far.

The 'journey' (we all have one, right?) went from Ampeg SVT classic / 410HLF, then D class Ampeg Pf500 + 2x pf115 or pf115 + pf410 hlf when the previous one got too heavy to lug around. Over the past 2 years much of the ACDC / Thin Lizzy material has been gradually replaced with Queen, Bowie, Zep plus a load of more varied / lighter stuff and I found the Ampeg rig a bit limited. Mark at Bass Direct suggested I try out the Magellan stuff and so a month later here I am: £2K poorer but so much happier in terms of what I'm playing through.

I'll follow up in a month or so's time once I've had a chance to gig the rig and really put it through its paces. For now - having read the forum avidly whilst pondering, I thought I'd put something back in for the next person facing the same 'shall I / shan't I' dilemma!

So far so brilliant!


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